Equine Boarding


To ensure the safety of all our equine partners, documentation of up to date vaccinations must be provided before boarding at CamHaven Farms.


Located in Caledon, Ontario CamHaven Farms specializes in equine rehabilitation, post-surgical recovery and fitness development.  Our facility accommodates the elite equine athlete from all disciplines.  

Our brand new state-of-the-art Equestrian complex was built with the equine in mind.  Fully automated ventilation system throughout, stalls feature custom hay feeders, block dividing walls covered with rubber for additional protection, lined walls for best sanitization, interlocking rubber isles throughout with in-floor heating, large window in each stall for natural sunlight, 35 grass paddocks ranging in size, 10 dedicated rehabilitation paddocks,  routine night check with experienced staff on premises 24/7, 100 x 200 insulated indoor arena, 80 x 200 outdoor arena and extra large wash racks with cold and hot water.

The wellness centre which is attached to the main barn consists of cutting-edge fitness equipment such as Aqua Treadmill, Cold Saltwater Spa, Dry Treadmill with Incline, Equi-Vibe and Solarium, 3 large standing stalls for hand held therapies including Regenerative Laser, Therapeutic Ultrasound,  Respiratory Enhancement and Bemer treatments .

Our fully insulated 100 x 200 indoor arena is bright and boasts natural sunlight from the large windows which overlooks the picturesque foliage of the property.  The arena is connected  to the main barn for our clients convenience and linked to our heated/air conditioned viewing room with complete amenities. 

Also attached to the main barn is our fully insulated horse exerciser providing easy access and allow horses to utilize the exerciser all year round.  With rubberized mats throughout the entire room, it provides a safe walking path for the horse.

The second barn which is a replica of the main barn features in-floor heating, large bright stalls, window, fully automated ventilation system and rubber isle ways for added safety for your equine partner.

Stall Rest & Lay Ups

Stall Rest/Lay Up

Rest is critical to recovery from trauma, illness or surgery.  Stall rest “seems” uncomplicated but boarding your horse with us assures your horse not the only one on stall rest.  Our facility has plenty of company inside.  Your horse will be strategically placed with other horses on stall rest so they do not feel alone, depressed or withdrawn.  Stall rest helps to control the activity and stress a horse puts on an injury.  The period of stall rest depends on the specific diagnosis and extent of injury.

Every horse that stays with us enjoys individual care, spacious clean stalls, custom feeding programs and daily individual turn out, superior ventilation system with ceiling fans that are guaranteed mold-free & dust-free for optimal respiration.  

To accomodate each horse’s requirment a total of 35 paddocks in a variety of sizes. Group or individaul turn out available.  A designated area has been designed that consists of 10 rehabilitation paddocks providing turnout to our equine patients that are on the mend.

camhaven farm barn with horses caledon on
camhaven farm barn with horses caledon on

Rehabilitation & Post Surgical Recovery

With equine rehabilitation, every case is different and will be evaluated as an individual. Our rehabilitation programs will draw upon various strategies to best support the horse. We are happy to work with you to provide the best equine rehab we can within your means.

CamHaven works very closely with veterinarians to build the ideal rehabilitation program to ensure your horse’s optimal recovery, enhance performance, improve health and return to competition faster and stronger than ever before.  Successful rehabilitation programs are achieved with the collaborative efforts of horse owner, trainers/coaches, veterinarians, farriers and Team Camhaven.  With input from each of these people, customized programs are able to be developed to address each individual horse’s needs.

The level of care is determined by their specific requirements and/or discharge instructions from the hospital. Our facility in no way is a replacement to regular veterinary care and in the case of an injury or health issues a veterinarian should be consulted. 

Rehabilitation Care – Level 1

Horses that require a higher level of care than stall rest with fairly straight forward rehabilitative program that are recovering from an injury or surgery.  This level of care is usually 1 to 6 months. In some cases up to a year depending on the injury.

Desginated rehabiliation paddock area has been designed for horses that require a smaller paddocks but still can enjoy the outdoors.

Rehabilitation Care  – Level 2

In most cases this level of care is short term, usually 1 to 3 weeks.  Appropriate for horses immediately following surgery or an acute injury, require medications administered in the evening hours and/or require intense care.

Once out of the “critical stage”, your horse can slowly transition to our Rehabilitation Care Level 1.  Deep bedding is placed in the stall to ensure comfort for your equine partner.

Fitness Development

A consistent fitness program can improve and maintain cardiovascular and musculoskeletal conditioning, improving overall performance.

The horse’s body adapts to training with an adequate period of physical conditioning in the following ways:

    1. The cardiovascular system improves in the capacity to deliver oxygen to working muscles
    2. The muscular system improves in the capacity to utilize oxygen and fuel utilization improves
    3. Bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles increase in size and strength
    4. The temperature regulating system achieves greater ability to lose body heat during exercise thereby avoiding excessive  increases in body  temperature
    5. Neuromuscular coordination improves as the central nervous system adapts to the new skills required for a particular discipline

In other words, as the horse goes through the conditioning processes and becomes more fit, it exercises more efficiently, as well as accomplishing more work before becoming fatigued.

Fitness & Conditioning Programs

Fitness development programs can be provided while racing or prior to a horse show, during a layover between horse show weeks or as post horse show recovery and pampering.  Our fitness development programs is also a great way to keep your horse at their best during periods when you can’t make it to the barn including times of vacation and heavy work obligations.

We have developed fitness and conditioning programs based on past success assisting horses of all disciplines.  Each program has benefited the horse in different stages of their level of fitness, conditioning and rehabilition.  However, if the programs that we have developed do not suit your requirments, we can develop a custom program on a case by case basis depending on your horse’s needs and budgetary requirements.

Fitness Development

Our Fitness Development program is perfect for horses returning back to phyical exercise after stall rest, lay-up or injury.  Horses can be safely reintroduced to work in a controlled environment with consistant footings in our state-of-the-art indoor exerciser.

The indoor exerciser allows us to incorporate as much free movement as possible for the horses, while still maintaining the ability to control and adjust the speed and direction of their movement.  The fact that your horse is not being pulled along, but moves at a natural pace, they are able to relax and stretch their top line, thereby increasing the elasticity of their muscles.

Athletic Development

The Athletic Development program is ideal for developing the equine athlete toward elite performance levels.  A more intense fitness development program, with a combination of under saddle work and our indoor exerciser we tailor each athlete’s schedule to their individual phyical needs.

Custom Fitness Development Programs

Fitness & Conditioning

We take pride in developing unique Fitness and Conditioning programs to benefit each horse individually, each time they visit us. Everything we do at CamHaven Farms is dependent on your horse’s requirements and physical needs.  We understand that in some cases pre-designed programs are not the best option for you and your horse. Custom programs are available depending on your horse’s needs and budgetary requirements.


With equine rehabilitation, each case is different. Every horse will be evaluated as an individual.  Our rehabilitation programs cover everything from post surgery, wound care, abscesses, soft tissue injuries and much more.  Our team works closely with your veterinarian to develop a program that best suits your horse.  We know and understand budget is an important factor for our clients.  We are happy to work with you to provide the best equine rehab we can within your means.


Breeding – Broodmare & Foaling

Premium Maternity Care

At CamHaven Farms, we have a dedicated Broodmare barn where there ar ONLY mares in foal reside on daily basis.

Your mare is monitored from the second she arrives on the farm!  Each broodmare is put on an individual feed program which consists of premium specialty feeds.

Foaling out at Camhaven Farms is the stress-free way to make sure your delivery goes as smooth as possible. We schedule all the needs your mare/foal requires on your behalf.

Your mare will reside in our dedicated “broodmares only” barn that is completely separated from our main barn where she will enjoy a matted 12’ x 12’ stall with window.

She will transition to our Foal Watch Care Package closer to her foaling due date.

Foal Watch

Your mare will transition to our Foal Watch Care package between 1-2 weeks prior to foaling.  She is under constant monitoring. 

A dedicated broodmare specialist team member will always be present to aide as needed in the foaling process. 

Your mare will foal out in a matted 12’ x 24’ foaling stall, bedded with clean straw daily.   Once your foal is on the ground and healthy, he or she will be provided with a private individual turn out in our Newborn Paddock.

Raising Weanlings

Young horses should be taught manners early in life, but ultimately should be allowed to explore their world as young horses!

We provide high-quality specialty feeds for all young horses, as we believe nutrition is a vital component for health, performance and growth. 

All youngsters are exposed to the basics of on-the-ground training, trailering, clipping, bathing, cross-tie, farrier work, halter and bridle in-hand.

Breaking Young Stock

Whether you have a home-bred or a yearling purchase, you can rely on CamHaven Farms to break and train your horse.

Young horses need a patient but firm hand to be properly introduced into the training regime and allow them to gain confidence and eliminate trauma often associated with breaking.

Our team has many years of experience in the handling of yearlings.

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